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Welcome to the Boyer Mission website! Emma Boyer is a full time Missionary Teacher on Great Abaco island in the Bahamas. Below are links to social media sites to follow along with Boyer Mission or find ways to support the mission. If you are interested in mission trips, just click on the Mission Trip tab above! 

Thank you for your support and prayers! 

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Emma Boyer

Hello! My name is Emma Boyer and I'm a graduate from Geneva College with a Bachelors of science degree in Elementary and Special Education with a minor in reading. I grew up in Johnstown, PA and graduated from Richland High school in 2019. I was dual enrolled in Penn Highlands Community College during High School studying Liberal Arts then graduated with an associates degree in 2019.  


I have a passion for educating young children and inspiring them to reach their full potential! Through my work in the Bahamas I wish to create a thriving environment for children to come and know the Lord and experience the love of Christ. I am a motivated and hardworking individual with an ambition to educate and make relationships with children to raise up young leaders to one day reach their full potential as image bearers of Christ.

My Mission

I will be serving in the Bahamas as a full time Missionary Teacher for three years with the Caribbean Youth Network and Agape Christian School. 


Many teachers have evacuated the island since Hurricane Dorian and never returned. This has left many children on the island without an education for the past three years, which is causing damaging effects to their futures. I am leaving America to help bring better education to the island for both regular and special education students.

"Here I am;Send Me"Isaiah 6:8 

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