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About BYN, Kirk of the Pines & Agape Christian School 


The BYN is a Bahamian led organization working in Long Island, Nassau, and Abaco to reach the students of The Bahamas with the Gospel of Christ and assist those who are committed to Jesus Christ with opportunities for spiritual growth and discipleship so that they may mature in their personal relationship with Him. Each island has its unique ministry look. In Abaco, we meet on Wednesday nights with 11-18 years old to learn what applying the Gospel to life can look like. We study scripture, worship God, play games and meet in small groups to discuss the week's lesson.

As a means of introducing the community to us, we also play soccer on Monday evenings. We gather dozens of kids at a local field to help us meet our neighbors, and give the young people productive, team building, energy burning activities.


BYN Abaco also partners with other local ministries to help encourage them in their work for the Gospel. We've participated in events thrown by individuals, as well as churches to help grow the influence of the Gospel in Marsh Harbour and surrounding communities.

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Kirk Of the Pines

Kirk of the Pines is a EPC church plant in The Bahamas led by pastor Gabe Swing. Kirk of the Pines works alongside the BYN to help run events for the youth on the island. 

The Hendrickson family that I work alongside partners with Gade and Jan Swing to plant the Evangelical Presbyterian Kirk of the Pines in Marsh Harbor.

This small congregation meets every Sunday at 10:00 and is a very eclectic mix of generation, race and spiritual backgrounds.  


While many of the structures around the Kirk were devastated by Hurricane Dorian, the Kirk building was spared from any major damage. The people of the Kirk were all affected to different degrees, but continue to gather to show others the hope of the Gospel.

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agape Christian School

I have been hired as a 5th grade teacher for Agape Christian School in the island of Great Abaco in the town of Marsh Harbor. The school is a ministry of Marsh Harbor Gospel Chapel. They felt an urgent need to offer sound Christian education based on Biblical teaching to the young people of Abaco.

The focus of the school has been to lead young people to Christ, to ground them in God’s word, and to train them to serve Him in whatever vocation they choose to enter. The leadership of the school has tried to use the school as an outreach to the community through a variety of programs: Christmas and Easter programs, sports events, college fairs, and career fairs. It has been their desire to develop relationships through which the Word of God can be shared.

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