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Summer Catch Up!

Well hello there! I apologize deeply for my late newsletter, but it’s here now! Well let’s begin in June! I finished school on June 16th and flew home for two weeks in PA and one week in GA to see friends, family and meet with supporters. The time was full of joy getting to see most of your faces and to those of you who I was not able to see,I hope to see you next summer!

During my time home I was able to meet with the churches who support me both financially and spiritually to give a detailed updated report on how the ministry is going in the Bahamas. So thank you again so much to the following churches; St. Paul’s Presbyterian, Chippewa United Methodist, EdgeWood, Emmanuel Baptist, Pleasant Hill Church of the Brethren, and University Park Church. I was also able to meet with many, but sadly not all of you in person as well to check in together, which was such a blessing. Thank you again so much for taking time out of your days to come here to talk or meet with me individually.

Going to Georgia was an exciting time as well of vising my moms parents, aka mama and pappy, plus my awesome big brother and cousins whom I have missed dearly! We also got to enjoy the splendors of chick-fil-a at last!

Fundraising update: As I mentioned in my previous newsletter that my budget changed a bit this year and I had to do a little extra fundraising to help cover the costs. I’m currently 77% covered with the new changes and still looking for a few more individuals that have a heart and willingness to help with those extra expenses. Please pray God provides those funds in His perfect timing. If you know of anyone interested or yourself please let me know via email or call! Thank you again to those who increased their payments, joined my support team financially, and especially to those of you who have been supporting all the way through this last year! You are all a blessing and I’m very honored to have you standing beside and helping me achieve God’s call on my life currently.

July: After a lovely three weeks in the states I was ready to return to the beautiful Bahamas, but not so ready for the scorching heat 🥵. When I arrived we headed straight into working with a high school mission team from South Carolina from EasterMinter Church youth group. They were awesome at helping put up drywall in the community center the BYN has been working on and helping a local family re-roof their home since hurricane Dorian. Furthermore, they helped us on our youth group night that runs on Wednesdays. Enjoyed these new pals for the week and their warm hearts. Plus, an adult team from the same church is coming back in November, which we are very excited about! After the mission team left I had some time off personally to get away on a little vacation to see a friend in Mexico City who is a part of a college ministry. Was so sweet to reunite with Faith (whom I met at Missionary Training international) and see her thriving in her new found home.

August: So here we are finally in August counting down the days when kiddos will walk in my classroom door and begin another year of learning and adventures. This year I am feeling a little more prepared and confident, especially since some of you who were so generous for donating extra towards school supplies again this year. The shipment of supplies I am happy to announce has arrived and is currently in the shipping yard going through customs. Please pray for the government to approve it as duty free. My classroom is almost all the way set up and we are getting eager to meet the new people I will be teaching this year. This year will be a little different as the 4th grade teacher, myself and the 5th grade teacher, will be doing a paired-teaching schedule to help with struggling learning and focus on our strengths in teaching. So I’m now technically both a 4th and 5th grade teacher, please be praying over this new system we are trying out and for us to have wisdom in how best to help our 4th and 5th grade students! So excited to get started!

Personal update: I am currently doing well and getting eager for this upcoming year. My youth group starts up again in September and my Bible study with my High School girls will begin in October, which I’m thrilled to lead! Please be praying for my heart, energy level, wisdom, and keeping healthy with this year ahead.

Prayer Request:

  1. This school year as a teacher to have wisdom and grace for myself and each of my students, as well as each of my students hearts!

  2. Agape Christian school year of 2023-2024!

  3. My small group girls bible study starting in October.

  4. Fundraising needs

  5. For my heart and walk with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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Byron G. Curtis
Byron G. Curtis
22 ส.ค. 2566

Thank you, Emma, for the update. May God bless the work!

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