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November & December update🎄

Merry Christmas and Happy New years from Abaco!

The lights are up in the neighborhood, palm trees swaying in the cool wind, and everyone is feeling the festive spirit of the holidays. Let's get right into it, why don’t we!!! We need to go back to the beginning of November. Quite a few of my small group of girls play on the Agape volleyball team for school, and they won their championship game. Can I get a whoop whoop 🙌 for all these lovely ladies' hard work!

Shortly after that, we had a mission team from EastMinster Presbyterian Church from South Carolina to help for a week. Carrie and Barrett were thankful for their help. Through the week they worked on some construction projects for people in the community. As for me, I got to work with two lovely ladies, Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Tiffany, whom I met earlier that summer. Their youth group mission trip to Abaco came to help me in the classroom one day. Mrs. Harper taught for 12 years as a teacher and planned a lesson for helping students learn how to differentiate between interesting facts in a story passage versus important facts in a story passage. She also helped with conflict resolution between students. She taught how to use the “I statement” when talking about hurt feelings to others. This was a huge help to me as a young teacher needing more wisdom and creative ideas. These ladies did an amazing job of working with my students, teaching me better ways to do lessons, and giving me a mini break while they took over the classroom for the day. Would love for more experiences like this in the future. So if you're an experienced teacher and want to come to Abaco to work with kids for a week in the classroom please let us know!

Then along came thanksgiving! That was a fun week of celebrating with many different people on the island that week. Our church Kirk of the Pine also hosted our Sunday thanksgiving Dinner for the congregation.

Now we come to December. To start with the fun stuff, my kiddos in 5th grade brought decorations from home to make our classroom into a winter wonderland. They took their job very seriously by making me wait outside till they were done redecorating the whole classroom. May I just say they did a fantastic job. Definitely gave the classroom much holiday cheer. Throughout the month we did many fun Christmas activities, like making snowmen with socks and Christmas ornaments out of plastic cups. My fourth grade students and another Agape teacher had a wonderful opportunity to answer 4th grade questions about how Jesus came to earth and how HE is the son of God. It was a good reminder to myself to never stop asking questions about God and to be always curious and learning more about Him. This past Wednesday was our last day of school before winter break. At G2 we also had our annual Christmas party full of games, bracelet and cookie decoration and a short message about the Gospel. We were thankful for the help from our partners Many Hands Impact in Abaco of their mission team helping with the youth that night and making it special.

This set of photos is in a slide show; just click the arrow on the right to see all the amazing people!

One more update I will be doing a newsletter every other month this year to keep wonderful supporters like you updated and informed of the good works that God is doing in Abaco. This is a little easier on me currently with my work schedule.

Fundraising update: I am currently 80% covered with my new housing situation happening this summer. Please continue to pray God provides for this new financial development coming in the near future. If you feel called to help in some way please let me know. I am always happy to set up zoom meetings or meet with you this summer in person. The best way to help me if you are feeling led by the spirit to do so is to commit to a monthly gift. Receiving financial help on a monthly basis helps me to budget responsibly. Monthly gifts of any size are greatly appreciated! Also, feel free to pass on this need to anyone you think might be interested in getting involved. I would be glad to talk to individuals who express an interest. Just reach out to me via email! I believe He will provide. Please pray with me over this large change to come soon, especially in finding an apartment (homes/apartments can be hard to find on the island.)

Important prayer requests: In January I will be starting up my bible study with my small group of girls of Jen Wilkins Sermon on the Mount. Please continue to pray over this study, myself as the study leader, and for each of my girls' hearts involved in the study to grow more understanding of the Lord and spark a fire in them of wanting to know HIM deeper. Another event you could be praying for that I’m leading with the help from some of the older women G2 leaders is planning a Galentines in February. To explain what a Galentines if for those who might not know it's a lot like valentines, but just for the gals! My hope for this event is to develop an opportunity for deeper fellowship with our G2 girls of all ages and sisters in Christ and talking about what it means to be a woman of God. Please pray over us as we plan this fun event for February and that God’s presence will be heavy that night for all who attend.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. Please email me if you have any prayer requests for you and your family as well.

Much thanks,

Em Boyer from Abaco, Bahamas 🇧🇸 ❤

P.S My girls at recess decided to give me my first nail make over! Feeling pretty fancy in these photos! Need to get this done more often!

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