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Joys of March

So this month was crazy! It was full of unexpected surprises and so many joyous moments! For one, my G2 small group girls St. Patrick's scavenger hunt and sleepover was a blast. We started the night off with a Marsh Harbour scavenger hunt around town that got the girls out of their comfort zone. Then returning back to my place for dinner and sleepover movie night by watching “Case for Christ.” The next morning we ended our time eating green pancakes and having good conversations! I have loved watching these girls fellowship grow closer together as sisters in Christ and getting to know them each more personally myself with my one to one time spent with them.

Youth group on Wednesday nights has been going really well with familiar faces that keep coming each week and new ones always showing up too! Excited as we have a big mission team coming in May from Pittsburgh University to do sport activities with our kids and some other projects. Please be praying over those college students and the work they will be doing here in a few weeks.

My 5th grade students each feel like my own children and the thought of having to let them go in two months from now is unbelievable. They have taught me so much about myself and teaching. In reality I think it is I who has learned the most this year! Our classroom is crazy full of flying objects, funny jokes, laughter, and exploring. However, we do have occasional bad days. Recently, we have been learning about oceans and did a field trip with a non-profit group on the island called “Friends of the Environment” to go snorkeling and interact with coral reefs ourselves. Made me actually feel like the teacher from the Magic School bus “Mrs. Frizzle” that I watched when I was a kid, who got her kids out and up close with the world around them (however, no one can top the Mrs. Frizz and the magic school bus for sure!). I have loved working with these kids so much and can’t wait to keep watching them grow up as the next few years go by.

I don’t have anything profound to share at the moment because honestly March was a wonderful month full of joy and new things. I have just been really enjoying the place and time God has put me in, no longer wrestling with thoughts of the past or ones in the future. Just enjoying the gift that each day brings. With each passing day here in Abaco it feels more and more like home and a place that I will miss a lot when I travel away from it. It has honestly felt like I have lived here a lifetime and truly a place I call home now.

P.S; Take a look at the HUGE fish I got while trying to spear fish my first time.

Prayer Request:

  1. Finishing the school year strong

  2. Forming New Friendships

  3. Big Projects in the works

  4. Staying close to the Lord

  5. G2 small group girls.

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