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Hello from the Bahamas

Hello from the Bahamas!!!! We arrived on August 30th in the afternoon. We moved into my new apartment that day with the help of the Hendricksons and went grocery shopping. Happy to say my fridge is full and the apartment is cozy. So happy to finally be in the Bahamian sunshine!

Wednesday I had my first day of school and was definitely unprepared because getting here was a surprising rush. We spent the day playing games and doing fun icebreakers. Thursday and Friday school is not in session in remembrance of those who passed away and survived hurricane Dorian. This extra time has been a blessing to get moved in, prepare for full-time teaching next week, and enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas.

I must say runs near the beach have been such a blessing and getting to swim in the ocean discovering new things and enjoying the beauty of coral reefs is amazing! However, also seeing the needs of my students and others on the island have also been very eye opening experience and just grows my excitement to have the honor to serve here in this beautiful country.

Prayer request

Please pray for my first year of teaching and lesson planning!

Pray for myself and my nine students to grow a loving and trusting relationship as I share the gospel with them.

Pray as I learn Bahamian culture and navigate this new environment.

Pray for me to keep growing in my relationship with the Lord and for my heart to remain faithful to the Lord.

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1 Comment

Keith Mann
Keith Mann
Sep 05, 2022

So good to see you getting settled in to this call that you have had from quite some time!

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