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Colorado Here we COme!

I'm proud to announce that after three years of college, I graduated. (on May 7th, 2022)!

I am very thankful for the many lessons I learned both academically and spiritually at Geneva College, and even more thankful for the many friendships and valuable relationships that will follow me for a life time.

The friendships I created during college have had the greatest impact on my life, and now that I am becoming a missionary and my walk with with Christ has branched out, I suspect that impact to continue as the seeds planted germinate in my new found soil!

I leave for Colorado Friday May 27th. Once there I will attend Missionary Training International's (MTI) month long training program. This organization helps prepare those called into foreign countries and new cultures overseas to adapt during ministry. MTI has been helping missionaries for 60 years by providing relevant, practical, in-residence training on make-or-break issues. Their guidance makes cross-cultural messengers of the Gospel more effective. Their three dimensions to training include: life-sharing community, paradigm-shifting tools, and heart-healing process. For the month of June, I will be staying in Colorado Springs. During my four week training, I would deeply appreciate your prayers. For the preparation of my heart, body, and mind to be shaped and molded for Abaco. I am hoping to be as prepared as possible for God's heart and word to be effective in my life . If you would like to learn more about MTI click on this link;

The Agape Donation Drive on Amazon going very well, and I deeply appropriate all the donations and prayers from everyone. Every item is a gift to the students in the Bahamas! I know this supply will bring many smiles to students and Agape school staff because of your generosity. Abaco School still has such a great need. We will ship everything in Late July. To see what we need all you need to do is Click on this link. Then maybe you'd share it with friends and family with a heart for missions;

If you have school supplies at home you would like to send instead please email me at

Furthermore, it is my honor to have St. Paul's Presbyterian Church of Somerset, PA as my sending church! I grew up at this church. All 22 years of my life have been shaped by this church family. I want to thank both the staff and congregation for shaping me into the young women I am today. I am so excited for the next three (possibly more) years ahead.

St. Paul's will always be the church that raised me, my sending church, but I have been attending Emmanuel Baptist Church from Johnstown, PA when home from college, and they have been so good to my family since we moved 6 years ago. They also have agreed to be an anchoring support church.

In addition since attending Geneva college the following churches: Edgewood Church form Beaver Falls, Pa and Pathways Church from Chippewa, PA also shaped heart and deepened my walk with Christ so that when He called me, I answered

My families churches: Woodstock Church from Woodstock City Georgia and the church my mom grew up in the Somerset Alliance Church from Somerset, PA also supported me generously. Even churches i haven't known deeply like the First Baptist Church, PA have also been very generous, supportive, and amazing.

I am looking forward to my training and the continuations of the donation drive this coming month. Agape School is so blessed to be loved by all of YOU. I can't wait to see all the Lord plans for the near and and long future! Please reach out if you and your family have prayer request or any questions. Part of ministry is Remembering to love those who have loved me. I would love to encourage each of you as well during your own walks in life with the Lord.

Also, notice from the pictures Skeeter (my dog) is hoping to be part of the shipment!

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